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Learning German is a rather complex activity. We are so familiar with communicating in our mother tongue that we hardly notice the many many contributing skills we need to master in order to speak a foreign language.

This is why there have been many theories about learning and teaching a language in the history of second language acquisition. Most important is to actively use the new language as soon as possible.

At Sprachrolf the teacher speaks only German from the first lesson on. Only after you tried to guess the meaning or the grammar point the teacher will help out in English or in another language. Also the students may not speak any other language than German in class. At first the lessons will be a bit quiet but after about a week you will find out, how well you can explain something using only German words and that the other students understand you!
Of course in some situations using English enhances the learning progress. For example there are many words in German that are similar to English: "Vater" - "father" or "interessant" - "interesting". In these cases the teacher will point out the similarity as necessary. Sometimes the words are very similar but pronunciation is different: "Musik" - "music". Here we will also use English in class.

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