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Most of our students learn German to gain admission to a German university, to improve communications in their job or to get a new and better job.
Speaking German also comes in handy if you bought something at Amazon and want to return it because it does not fit your purpose, or if you want to tell the doctor in more detail about an ailment.

Another major reason is to talk to people, because they live here.

Some Germans do speak English, but if you speak German, you will find it much, much easier to talk to the kindergarten teacher of your child, to borrow something from your neighbour and in general to find friends and be more sociable.

Learning German at Sprachrolf has many big advantages:

Your teacher: Rolf Kampffmeyer


I love languages and I have always been curious about foreigners. So I decided to live in China and stayed there for 6 years. I think living abroad for at least a few years is absolutely wonderful.
I speak four languages pretty well (German, English, Chinese and French) and have learned the basics of Latin, Thai and Japanese.

Besides languages I love learning. One thing all my friends have in common is that they are curious people and keep exploring the world and their limits.
I continuously improve my teaching style and attend multiple teacher trainings each year. I have a teaching certificate by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) and I am licensed by the telc institute for examinations. Talking to other German teachers has given me many, many valuable impulses for use in class.

Our teacher: Rolf Kampffmeyer

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