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Best German Language Schools in München

Munich is a beautiful city and has many German language schools. Of course I am very proud of my own school, but I would still like to recommend a few others. You can find a list of the 40 most active schools at Mü The schools I would chose if you cannot arrange a course with us are the SDI and the DKFA.


The SDI is a very friendly school with a well organized German language department. The teachers help each other and get regular trainings. You will probably have a teacher that has experience, is prepared for class and enables you to learn.


The DKFA is a German language school which is linked to the University of Munich (LMU). This school pays their teachers the highest rates and attract the best teachers. For their courses they use the slim textbook series "Motive" along with tons of paper copies and audio material. If you learn at DKFA you will do a lot of homework, which I think is good, and you will build up a big vocabulary. A disadvantage is the class size. If you have 19 other students in your class you get roughly 1 minute of speaking time per teaching hour, which makes it really hard to develop your German speaking.

Two teachers from DKFA run their own private Website with wonderful listening exercises: Deutsch to go.

Adult Education Center

The Volkshochschule (VHS) is the only German School I know offering childcare. If you have a child, you can drop him off, go to your German course and collect your child after class.
Disadvantages: Before you can sign up you need to wait 4 hours in line and you have to be there on the first day. The reason is the reasonable price of about 504,- to 648,- Euros per level (different course durations and different levels). I have heard of good teachers at the Volkshochschule, but you need to be lucky to be in their class. Or you know the name of a good teacher and sign up for a course with this teacher.

The Goethe Institute

The most famous German language school of all must be the Goethe Institut. I believe they have pretty good teachers and I can attest that Goethe offers excellent trainings because I took part in one in 2014. 16 students in one class is much, much better than 20 or 25. If you can pay 1.150,- Euros for a 80-teaching-lesson 4-week course, this is definitely a good choice.

The Humboldt-Institute

If you are looking for a summer course for your son or daughter, I recommend the Humboldt Institute. I taught a summer course for Humboldt in 2015. It was a lot of fun for the kids combined with learning German.

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